We seek out our "Hopefuls" from an early age, between 3-5 years old. Next comes their training and education. At times you might think you have a real "cracker" in the stable, and the next moment you might have doubts about whether all the effort is worth it. Despite these ups and downs, we follow a traditional training route for our horses, paying particular attention to setting them up with a strong foundation in dressage.

By following a calm and peaceful process, we have succeeded time and time again to produce many successful horses for the national and international sport.

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The following are a few of our sold horses:

Coeur de Lion 160cm
Coeur de Lion 160cm
Coeur de Lion 160cm
Coeur de Lion 160cm
Acantus 160cm
Avensis 160cm
Clintop 160cm
Carolien 150cm
Fleur 160cm
Anicmo 150cm
Belle fleur 150cm
Chesente 140cm
Chiara 150cm
Clooney 150cm
Commormile 150cm
Gera 140cm
Lacapo 160cm
Milliard 150cm
Mister 150cm
Olitha 150cm
Zwitser 150cm
Allegra 145cm
Arabella 150cm
Calimero 150cm
Calle 150cm
Casino 150cm
Chellou 145cm
Copido 145cm
Cornet 150cm
Femme 150cm
Quo Vadis 145cm
Ramazotti 150cm
SkyBoy 145cm
Alonso 145cm
Clooney 150cm
Valente 140cm
Valente 140cm
Valente 140cm
Coeur de Lion 160cm

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